Got a COVID-19 Test – This is What it Was Like

Penn’s Radnor Covid-19 Testing Site

I was told to have a COVID-19 test this week. No, I don’t have any symptoms nor is it likely I have COVID-19. I am having something done and need to be cleared to have it.

Getting an Appointment

It was Penn that wanted me to have the test, so they gave me a phone number to call to find a location and set an appointment. I called the number and was told that the closest location for me was a drive-through spot. I was given an appointment for the next morning. I asked how long it would take and they said not 5 minutes. They screened me ahead of time by asking me if I had been out of the country or if I had knowledge that I had been exposed to COVID-19.

At the Site

This morning, I drove over to the location. There was a small tent set up for cars to pull into. There was also a long line of cars. I was instructed to park my car to wait. Then, once there was space in the line, I was told to move my car into it.

Once I got in the line, a masked and robed woman asked to see my ID. I showed it to her, she did not touch it. She confirmed my address and birth date. She asked whether I was having a procedure and confirmed when it is. The test must take place no more than 72 hours before the procedure.

It didn’t take very long before all the cars moved up and I was under the tent. A person who was robed, had a mask, and a face shield came over to me. She confirmed my identity. She asked me if I had a COVID-19 test before, and told me what to expect.

The Test

The test involved the technician taking a long swab and pushing it up far into each nostril. It was uncomfortable. Maybe even a little bit painful. But nothing awful. It was very fast.

Once the test was over I was told the results would be available in 8-10 hours. I will only be called if the test is positive. However, I will be able to look at Penn’s website and it will give me the results when they are released.

I would say the entire process took about 10-15 minutes. Most of that was waiting. It was very efficient.

Update – Results

My test was negative. As expected. Given how careful I have been, it would have been extraordinary if I had COVID-19.

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