Short Biography

Short Biography for Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis is a legal ethics attorney in Pennsylvania. She owns the consulting/law firm marketing company Jennifer Ellis, JD, LLC, through which she assists attorneys with issues such as electronic discovery, practice management, and online presence. Jennifer recognizes that each lawyer and firm is unique, and her efforts on their behalf must convey their individual style and voice. You do not get cookie cutter results from Jennifer.

Previously, Jennifer worked with a Philadelphia area personal injury firm, where she practiced legal ethics, managed the firm’s online presence, and oversaw its IT and security consultants. Jennifer also served as the Associate Director of Media Technology with the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, where she organized and presented courses on numerous issues, including law practice management, technology, and ethics. This unusual background brings together a practical, educational, and technological skill set which helps Jennifer provide services to her attorney clients.

Jennifer speaks and writes throughout Pennsylvania and nationally on issues relating to law practice management, technology, ethics, marketing, and more.

Jennifer Ellis - Attorney