Contacting Me

Contacting Me

Please remember that I am only working minimally. If you still would like to contact me, please use the form below. You will find information below for members of the public and for lawyers about contacting me in general.


If you are a lawyer and would like to discuss something with me, please use the form below. I will let you know whether I am in a position to assist you or I will send you to someone else. 

You Saw Me in a Webinar

Over the years I have recorded many webinars. On occasion, I record a new one. If you have a question as a result of a webinar you saw me in, feel free to ask me a question via the contact form.

The Public

There are three basic reasons to contact me:

  1. You want me to answer a question for my “Ask Jennifer” blog posts. (Use contact form).
  2. You want me to clarify something I wrote (please ask in a comment).
  3. You need a recommendation for a lawyer. (Use contact form).

I am not taking on any legal clients, so please do not reach out asking me to represent you. Also, please do not ask me to provide you with legal advice. I cannot do so. It would be ethically inappropriate.  If you would like a referral, I will do my best to send you to an appropriate lawyer, if I know one. Please read my disclaimer before you contact me. 

Please remember, nothing you send forms an attorney/client relationship between us, and nothing I write is legal advice. Do not send confidential information through the form.