A Quick & Free Way to Find Cases Online: Google Scholar

If you frequently find yourself in need of a case for research purposes, to provide to a Court, or simply because you need an electronic copy to download to your Smart Phone, the easiest and cheapest way to find it is to load Google Scholar.

Whether you use inCite, Lexis, Westlaw, Fastcase, or some other tool, Google Scholar is likely to be the fastest method to find a case when you know the case names or the citation.

Simply visit http://scholar.google.com/

Choose Legal Opinions or Journals

Enter Your Search

Click Search

You can also use Google Scholar to search for articles to do a patent search.

Watch a video I recorded on Google Scholar below for a lesson on how to use it.

If you are interested in the other videos I recorded for PBI’s Facebook page you can find them at the Video tab on the PBI’s Page.

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