Am I now a cyborg?

Alfred Hitchcock


So…the other day I developed a craving for a book I had when I was a child. Now, my parents loved to read as do I, and my father really loved to read short story anthologies from Hitchcock, Bradbury, and the like. Since I read what was around, this meant that as a child I read all sorts of crazy books, none of which were really age appropriate.  I also read encyclopedias, but I digress. The book I wanted is a nice, thick volume containing a lot of old-fashioned short horror stories.

I used to have hundreds, maybe a thousand books, but due to a mold issue I had to get rid of most of them years ago. I was slowly buying new books, but the day came when I realized I might as well just switch to e-books. Now I own very few traditional books, and it is a rare night that fails to see me pick up my Kindle, turn off the lights, and happily read for a while.  As it happens, the last regular book I read was the one I reviewed on law office technology and that is hardly bed time reading.

Anyway, it turned out the book is not available in electronic format so I had to actually buy it and wait for it to come in the mail. It arrived yesterday and since I was up early this morning I thought I would read a chapter or two. With the lights off I picked up the book and started to read. As I tried to read in the dark I found myself extremely confused as to why I couldn’t read the words. It was then that I realized that books do not have back-lights. I shook my head, sighed at myself and thought, gee, people will find this funny, I should post about it on Facebook.


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