Amorican Express??

More American Express Shenanigans by Scammers


I have written previously about efforts by scammers to get American Express information from me.  I’d like to tell you about another one. The email went into Spam, which was, of course, a clue. But it also went to the wrong address, which is another big one.  Another clue, I had 7 of the same emails. Last, if you notice the attached image, the email link is from Amorican Express as opposed to American Express.


Amorican Express
From Amorican Express – Click for Full Size

These scammers aren’t particularly good at what they do. But the thing to remember is that you never know when an email is a scam. It is easy to forget what email address you are using with a credit card and to mistakenly click on a link. When you do so, you will no doubt be asked to enter your username, password and credit card information to “confirm who you are.”  In addition, the website might well download malware onto your computer.

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