Announcement – I am Joining a Philadelphia Area Law Firm

Some of you are aware that I have taken a position with a law firm in Philadelphia. For various reasons I have not yet announced the name of the firm. Well, now I can.  My new firm is called Lowenthal & Abrams.

L&A has offices throughout Pennsylvania and into New Jersey and New York. I will be in the Bala Cynwyd location, the main office.

What I’ll be Doing

I will be handling L&A’s website presence. This means focusing on SEO, including social media, blog writing and posting, you name it. I will also focus on forming relationships with other websites through writing mutually useful content. So if you are looking to write for a high level website and are willing to have me write for yours in return, please let me know. This is an excellent way of linking back and forth, while still providing a solid service to our readers.

Will I be Practicing Law?

Will I be practicing? Yes, most likely a bit. Especially focusing on the relationship of social media to the areas in which L&A practice. Practice areas include:


Why Did I Take this Step?

This is a very big step. My consulting is going well, and moving in-house is a big change in my life. I have never actually worked for a law firm before. I am also moving to the Main Line area in Philadelphia. So why would I do this? First, not only do I enjoy working with L&A, I genuinely like the people. That is key. But let me give you some background.

I met Jeff Lowenthal, the managing partner, in February of 2011 when I was teaching a seminar on social media. Not long after, Lowenthal & Abrams became my very first client. Jeff wanted to embark on using social media to spread the word about his firm. Unlike many partners, Jeff is willing to experiment and take risks. Together we learned a lot about social media and its impact to the online presence of a law firm.

Jeff is a visionary when it comes to law firm marketing and client education. He made his firm one of the first in the country to really move to social media. And, to my knowledge L&A is the first small to medium sized firm to bring someone like me in house. Not too many large firms have someone like me either.

So I ask you, when someone you have been working with for almost two years, a firm you know is compatible with you, offers you an amazing opportunity, wouldn’t you take it? What if you add in the fact I can still consult on the side, be involved with the various Bar Associations, teach, and generally have a decent amount of independence.

Well, I don’t know about you, but it didn’t take me long to say yes to such a deal.

Will I be Consulting?

As noted, I will still be consulting. However, if you have looked at the services I list on my site, they have shrunk substantially. This is because I need to devote most of my time to L&A. I will, over the next year, have to figure out what works best for me, my firm, and my clients. So no doubt, what I offer and how many people I can assist will evolve over time. My web designer, Beth Shupp-George, has agreed to take on a larger amount of work for me. I have been working with her for almost two years now, and I trust her implicitly. If it is necessary, I will bring in more help to make certain my client’s needs are being met.


So that is my big announcement. I have experienced a lot of changes in the past two years. Leaving PBI after almost 13 years, joining and leaving Ellen, and now, joining a firm and opening my own consulting business. Yes, a lot of changes. Every one of them extremely exciting.

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