Can I Stop my Ex Spouse from Putting Pictures of Our Children online?

Question: Family Law: Does one divorced parent have the right to prevent the other parent from putting pictures of their children online?

This question is coming from the parent who is putting pictures of the children online. The ex is trying to make them stop.

Interesting question.  Social media is so new in terms of the law that there are no laws (to my knowledge) and little precedent on such issues. Generally speaking, unless the divorce and custody decree address putting pictures online, there is no clear answer to your question. Your ex certainly could take you to court over the issue, in which case the judge will react in one of several ways.  1. Irritation over wasting the court’s time. 2. A demand that you take down and stop posting pictures. 3. A review of whether this is impacting the welfare of the children and making a decision accordingly.

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