Make Sure your Company has a LinkedIn Profile and that the Employees are Connected to the Company

In addition to having an account on LinkedIn, something I believe all professionals should do, your company should have its own profile on LinkedIn.  Further, make sure all of your employees are connecting their individual profiles to the company profile.

The profile is an opportunity to provide information on LinkedIn about your company, as opposed to the individual employees.

It isalso  important to set up a company page on LinkedIn because if you don’t, someone else can do it for you. Be the first to claim a profile for your company so you can control your company’s presence and determine who has permission to edit that profile.

Creating a Company Profile/Linking your Profile to your Company

The easiest way to create a company profile is to add a new current job to an individual account. If you already have an account and already have the job listed for your company, simply change the company to create the profile.

Here are the steps:

1. Edit your profile

2. Edit the position in question

3. Click on Change Company










Start typing the name of the company. As you type it, if the company profile already exists the option to  choose it will pop up. This is how you add yourself to an existing company profile.

If the company doesn’t have a profile you will see the option to add that profile.

If you seek to add a new company you will be asked to confirm you have the right to create the profile and you will be required to enter an email address.

Edit the Company Profile

Once you create the company profile you need to edit it. Navigate your way to your company profile by searching for the company in the search box in LinkedIn.





You can edit the profile once you access the page, as long as you are a person with either an email address from an approved domain or an approved email address. Below is a simple profile I created for my own company. Note both Ellen and I are listed as employees.









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