Completing a 1099 Misc for Independent Contractors

How to complete a 1099 Misc Online

I have been in business for myself for just a few months, since October 2012 to be precise. My focus has been on my firm, Lowenthal & Abrams, and not on consulting, so I haven’t worried about drumming up business, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. Business still comes my way, and that means I have work to send to Beth, web designer extraordinaire.

What do you mean you can’t download a 1099 Misc??

When you pay above a certain amount of money to an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to file a 1099 Misc. You must provide that form to both the IRS and the independent contractor. This is my first time filing such a form, so, as I usually do, I went to the IRS’ website to find the right document. Imagine my surprise when I learned that you cannot actually file the form provided by the IRS.  It seems you have to have an approved form that the IRS can scan and the downloadable form won’t work.  The IRS’ website clearly states that you can be fined for using its form, which is for informational purposes only.

How much for a piece of paper?

I looked online to see where I could get a form, which I needed immediately, and found I could buy forms at Amazon or Staples.  The problem is those forms would have cost between $8 and $40 and included many more copies than I needed. I just needed one piece of paper with some printing on it. It would have been both a waste of money and a waste of paper to buy a package of forms for my purposes.

Thank you TurboTax

Fortunately I found that TurboTax has a service that allows you to file a 1099 Misc for free! How awesome is that? I just filled out the information, clicked a few buttons and the form was electronically filed for me. I also had a copy to email to Beth and for my file. Perfect.

This is what leads me to write this post. I figure I am not the only person looking for a 1099 Misc online. So here is my suggestion. If you just need to file a form or two (I am not sure of the limitations as far as how many you can file) use the TurboTax Quick Employer Forms website to get the job done quickly, easily, and for free. Unlimited forms only cost$39.

Deadlines for 1099 Misc

The form must be to any independent contractors by the end of January (with some exceptions.) It must be filed with the IRS no later than the end of February.

Provide the Form and Report the Income

Failure to provide a 1099 Misc can result in various penalties. Those penalties can get very expensive if the IRS decides you chose to intentionally disregard the requirement to file. If you receive a 1099 Misc you need to be careful to report the income. Failure to report will also result in serious penalties.

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