Creating a QR Code

These days QR codes are all the rage.  For those not in the know, a QR code is a box that contains an image, which when used in combination with a smartphone Barcode scanner app, will take the user to a website, dial a phone number, create some text or help send an SMS message.  These codes frequently appear on marketing as an easy way to send potential customers to a website.  If you aren’t using QR codes as part of your marketing, this is a great time to explore doing so.



Most people assume it is complicated to create a QR code, but really it is as simple as finding a QR Code generator that you can trust.  I use Kaywa, which I found on the tech blog Mashable.

Here’s a video I created that shows you how to generate and use a QR code that will take a potential client or customer to your website.



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