Decided to go with the iPad – 4th Generation

If you read my blog, you know I have been struggling with whether to purchase a Surface or an iPad. I went so far as to buy the Surface RT, only to return it because it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I figured, if the price was reasonable, I would buy the Surface Pro when it came out. Well, the price for the Pro is out, and simply put, it is too high. I can buy a pretty decent laptop for the over 1k I would have had to spend to get the Surface and the better keyboard. If I have to spend that much, well darn it, I want a full laptop, not a tablet.

As a result, I took the plunge today, and purchased a 4th generation iPad with a keyboard. I don’t need to review an iPad for you. There are plenty of articles out there. It is a nice, simple, easy to use device. It isn’t a laptop replacement, but I can take it with me instead of a laptop on short trips. I can leave my laptop at home when I take the train. In short, it will do.

I will end up having to buy a laptop too. I think I will wait a little while though and see what other neat computers come out as a result of Windows 8. My current laptop should last that long. If I could actually stop dropping it and/or prevent Curtis from pulling it off the couch when he trips over the cord.



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