Disgraceful rape case + social media = the attention of Anonymous

This morning I read about a rape case in Ohio that is especially disturbing. The reason for this is that a girl was repeatedly raped by two football players. Instead of reporting the rape, other young people created video joking about the rape, tweeted about it, and even posted pictures of two teenage boys holding the girl who is limp, and one assumes, unconscious. Numerous phones and iPads were confiscated, and one picture shows the girl naked and laying on the floor. (Please note, I did not watch the video. You may choose to do so or not. My understanding is it is upsetting.)

There are accusations that the town is covering up the rape, because football is a big part of that town’s life. The chief of police has said he doesn’t understand why no one got involved and stopped the rapes.

The rapes happened back in August, but are just coming to light in the public. The alleged rapists go on trial shortly.

Anonymous recently posted one of its videos discussing the rape and making it clear that it will not allow the town to engage in a coverup. Currently Anonymous has released some information, posted the video in which someone is joking about the rape, and is threatening to release more information.  It also hacked a local website. The website’s response is currently posted here.

What is interesting here is the use of the web by the young folks, and in turn, the use of the web by Anonymous in its efforts to bring out the truth.

Many people live their lives online, young people especially. The behavior here is beyond belief. My thoughts go out to the girl and her family. I hope she is recovering.

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