What is the Dollar Amount that makes a Car Accident Case Worth Taking?

Question: Personal Injury Law: At what dollar value is a car accident case worth taking on for a lawyer? For example, a case worth $500 is usually not worth the lawyer’s time?

As with most questions about the law and cases, the answer is, it depends. There is no particular dollar amount. In fact, at the start of a case, we often have no idea what the case is worth. It is too early to make a determination. Attorneys evaluate the case based on the totality of the circumstances. But you are correct, if the only amount of possible damage is $500, an attorney is not likely to take that case. There simply won’t be any recovery for the victim in a case worth only $500, and there is no way for the attorney to recoup their costs, never mind make any kind of fee. Good lawyers don’t put their potential clients through personal injury lawsuits when they know there is no money to be had for their clients.

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