How to Respond to the Datalogix & Facebook Issue. Online and Offline Steps.

As I noted in a previous post, Facebook and Datalogix are working together to combine your online and offline behavior. My previous post is long, so I wanted to provide a shorter post that contains opt-out instructions.

Opt-Out with Datalogix


Datalogix has a privacy page where you can opt-out of the various services. This requires three different steps.

1. Begin with Datalogix’s cookies. If you click the link it will tell you that you are opted out.

2. Next look at the Digital Advertising Alliance. This one is a bit more complicated. When you enter the page you will see a grey screen that is gathering data about your computer. Once it is done, the screen will show you a list and you need to choose to opt-out from everything. Then click Submit Your Choices.


Once you click on Submit Your Choices, the screen will tell you it is providing the data to the companies. You will see a page informing you of your success.


3. Opt-out from Offline

If you click on the third link you will see a form to complete. The form notes it will take up to 30 days to opt you out.



For the first two opt-outs, you must complete the steps for every browser and every device you use to connect to the web. If you delete your cookies, or allow them to expire, you will need to re-opt out.

For the third opt-out you will need to complete a form for every email address and phone number you have used with a loyalty form or with Facebook.

Other Steps


There are a few steps you can take offline to protect you in the future.When you sign up for loyalty cards you should:

1. Use a fake email address, or if you prefer, create a new email address that you just use for such things, and don’t use for logging in to any website.
2. Use a fake phone number, or a number you don’t provide to Facebook or any other website.
3. If you already have cards, you will need to get new cards, following steps 1 and 2 above.

The goal here is to prevent the companies from combining your information online and offline.

Should you Opt-Out?


Some people like ads that are directed to them based on what they purchase or click on. If you like such ads, there is no reason to opt-out. On the other hand, some people find this to be a privacy concern. If you feel this way, you should opt-out and also, take the steps I suggest to protect your privacy in the future.



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