Facebook Fooled Me!

So, I am, as you know, something of a Facebook privacy person. I am careful to keep track of my privacy settings, I teach people on privacy settings; you can count on it, I know how to use Facebook’s privacy settings. And yet, Facebook caught me out.

Facebook, in its efforts to catch up to Google+ added both subscribe and the ability to tag posts as public. The problem is public was the default for me, probably because I allowed for subscriptions.  As a result when I am quickly posting it is very easy to inadvertently create a public post. In my opinion the default should not be public, it should default to your general privacy settings, in my case friends.

As a test, I turned off subscriptions, thinking that if I didn’t allow subscriptions the public option would disappear.  No go. The public post option remains regardless of whether you have the subscription service turned on.  Fortunately it doesn’t always default to public, that seems to be controlled by whether you have the subscription service on, but it is still very easy to switch to public by mistake.

So be careful folks. Make sure you choose the right option for your posts so they can only be seen by those you want to see them.

Dislike, Facebook.





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