Where is the Facebook Like Button?

I have been asked a few times where the Facebook “Like” button is located.

The purpose of the like button is to help you keep up with the posts from a particular page. The posts will show up on your wall so you won’t have to keep visiting the page to see what the owner is up to. Note others won’t see the posts on your wall, just you.

Remember a page is different from an individual account. I have an individual account under my name. You have to ask to be my friend for that one. My page however is an informational resource and anyone can view it.

The like button appears next to the name of the page.

Here is a blow up of the button.

Once you click on the Like button you are subscribed to the page. Today I happened to post a link to a page about getting rid of stink bugs.  Yuck.


You can see from the picture, the Like button is now gone. You only need to like a particular page one time.

By the way, my page is at www.facebook.com/jle.jd.

So that’s it.  That is how you “Like” a page.

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