Facebook Map – Privacy Settings

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Facebook map and privacy issues so I am going to provide a detailed explanation of how to remove or hide a location from the map.

Step One: Don’t add locations to posts

The first thing you should know, is that the best way to prevent locations from showing up on your map is to stop tagging locations. So, simply put, don’t tag pages or locations for places you visit. If you tag something that has a location attached to it, it will show up on your map. So, for example, if you visit “Curtis’ Kingdom” which is a location on Facebook, don’t tag it. If you do, that location will show up on your map. Look at the images below to see what I mean.






Here I have tagged my geographic location (Mechanicsburg) and my exact location (Curtis’ Kingdom.)  Curtis’ Kingdom is now on my Map.


Here is what the post actually looks like on my Timeline.












Step Two: Removing or Hiding Locations

If you have put a location on the map, you can remove it or you can hide it.

The first thing to do is access the map. Begin by clicking on your name next to your profile picture. Then, if you do not see the icon for your map, click on the tab listing.

Like this:






Remove the Location

To remove a location you need to find the original post and delete it. This will remove it from the map. This is the only way to completely remove a location. You cannot remove the location and leave the post, at least not as of right now.

Hide the Location

If you don’t want to remove the post, you can change the privacy settings of the location on the map. You do so by clicking on the location on the map and then clicking on the settings for privacy.


1. Click on the map








2. Work your way to the location you want to hide. First I clicked on the number 45 above. That focused me closer to the specific location I want to edit.









3. Click on the specific location and look for the privacy option. The privacy option looks like a globe, two people, or a lock, depending on the setting. The location below can currently be seen by my Facebook friends.












4. Click on the privacy option to change the settings. If you want to hide it change it to Only Me. Then you will see a lock to indicate only you can see the location.












Once you change the location to Only Me, no one will be able to see the location but you. It will still show up on your map when you look at it.


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