Facebook’s Democracy Goes Bye-Bye and Privacy Settings Are Changing

Facebook was never a democracy, but people did have the opportunity to be heard through a vote. Well, Facebook warned us that if at least 30 million people didn’t vote, the right to vote would be taken away. No surprise, not enough people voted, and the right to vote on Facebook changes is now gone.

A substantial majority of people who voted, voted against the privacy and data sharing policy changes Facebook wanted to implement.

Changes are Coming

Facebook unveiled some changes to privacy today.

No Hiding

You should know that you can no longer hide yourself from search. By this I mean, in the past you could essentially make yourself invisible on Facebook to all but your friends. You will not be able to do this any longer. Now, no matter your privacy settings, when someone search for your name on Facebook, he or she will be able to find you. This will, I know, distress some of my judicial colleagues who want only very specific people to know they have Facebook accounts.

More Changes?

We can expect to see more changes rolled out in the near future. As they begin to appear, I will let you know about them. You will know the changes have been implemented when you see a new icon for Privacy Shortcut on the bar near where your Account Settings can currently be accessed.

Mashable has a good look at the changes here.


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