Good for Lexis – Help After Sandy

Though I was in the area that was supposed to be seriously affected by Sandy, I was fortunate. We weren’t hit nearly as badly as anyone expected. However, I still got the following email from Lexis:


I hope all is well and that the storm didn’t cause too much damage to your home or business. I understand the law libraries and other means of research are closed and/or without power. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that if you need anything; temporary ID to, help with research, etc., please let me know and I would be glad to help you.

Again, Please let me know if you need anything regarding online reseach.

Best of luck,
(Name redacted)


I am not a Lexis subscriber. I’m actually not sure where they got my email address, probably from one of their partners. But I am very impressed that they offered to help.

I also got a very nice note from one of my credit card companies noting it would suspend a large number of penalties so people could be certain they had access to money. I won’t share the name of the company, because I don’t want to announce where I have my credit cards.  All the same, it was appreciated. In comparison, another credit card company informed me that it was there for me, but it didn’t actually offer me anything special. It seemed lame compared to the first company.

Very good marketing on the part of Lexis and the first credit card company. Kind of stupid on the part of the second company. If you aren’t actually going to do anything for me, be quiet about it.



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