Google+ my first thoughts

I was just fortunate enough to obtain a Google+ invitation and have been using it this evening.

General thoughts on the introduction of Google+

When I first heard about Google+ I thought it was an interesting idea.

I also thought, unlike Google Buzz, that it would work. The ability to create circles, easily controlling who sees what, is especially useful for attorneys who want to be able to separate clients from everyone else, or judges who have to be careful about who they friend. The ability to simply click on a +1 in Google searches is a wonderful and fast way to let your network know you like a site or a source.

Sure enough, Google+’s introduction is going much better than did Buzz’s. Then again, Google Buzz had an infamously terrible introduction given the privacy issues and ham handed way in which it was handled.

How Google+ works/What it looks like

When you first log on to Google+ you will see names to add and circles to which you can add them. You can invite people who are not already on the service (or will be able to once Google+ opens up). You simply drag the person to the circle. It is easy to create new circles and label them as appropriate. You can put a person in as many circles as you like.  (Click on the picture for a larger image.)




Every person on Google+ has a profile. If you haven’t already created a complete Google profile you should do so. This will serve much as your Info on Facebook. A complete profile is a great idea in terms of social networking.

Your profile shows your most recent post. Here I am wondering about the impact of social media and computer use on television.




Much as on Facebook, Google+ provides the ability to comment to your circles or respond to others who are in some way connected to your circles. If you like a post someone in a circle has posted you +1 it, as I have done with Paul, a person I invited to join who is letting me know he has joined.



Here I am posting a test post. Note I can choose what circles to share my post with. The same option is available in Facebook with lists, but lists are more complicated to implement.






Let your circles know you like a site

As you search the Web you can +1 sites you want to recommend. This image shows a search I conducted for “jennifer ellis.” The blue arrow shows a link that has not yet been +1’d. The green arrow shows a link that I have +1’d.




Find me on Google +

If you are on Google + you can find me at

Create a NickName

If you are wondering where I got my short name for Google+ instead of a series of numbers, you too can create a nickname at

Right now invitations are in short supply, but the service should open up quickly. Hope to see you soon.

Please feel free to add me to your circles.

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