Happy Holidays – Amazing Stupid Robber Tricks

I don’t know why I continue to be amazed at the stupidity of some people when it comes to posting online. Perhaps it is my own naivete. Regardless, over the past year or three a number of thieves have gotten themselves caught by posting about stealing, posting pictures of what they have stolen, or even posting from the locations they are robbing. Frequently I need to assure people I don’t make this stuff up, so here I provide to you proof that thieves are really, really stupid.

1. Posting pictures of the loot

2. Posting about their illegal actions, as they commit them

3. Posting from the place they robbed, and forgetting to log out

Incidentally, a wonderful way to catch phone and computer thieves is to set your phone to automatically upload pictures to Google+ or some other service. The pictures don’t show up to the public if your settings are correct, but if some fool steals your phone, when he takes pictures of himself (and he probably will) you will have information to send to the police.

Sometimes, the thief will even post the picture on purpose to taunt the victim.

Thieves can be so helpful.

Happy Holidays, and here is hoping you don’t have a run in with any of these folks in the new year.

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