Hey Facebook – What’s with all the $#!@! Subscriptions?

There are few things about which we can be sure in life.  One is death, another is taxes, and the last is that when Facebook makes a change, people will be furious.

Facebook is trying to compete with Google+. In doing so, it has added a lot of, well, stuff. Frankly, it has managed to confuse even me this time. As a result, I have been looking around, shaking my head, and wondering what will be coming next.


At any rate, the thing I notice causing much consternation today is the subscription feature. So this is the first one I will address.

In essence, what Facebook has tried to do is make it possible for people to follow others without actually being friends. Don’t freak out, this doesn’t mean that the public-at-large can see your posts, it means that you have the option to make posts public should you desire to do so.

Facebook has also divided things that you will receive notifications about into various topics such as status updates and games. They are further divided into two categories. How many and what type.

How to Manage Subscriptions

Managing the subscriptions is actually quite easy.  First you need to click on the name of the person you want to manage so you are looking at his or her page. Then you need to click on the subscription tab which is on the upper right corner of the page.


Once you click on subscription, you simply then need to click on what you want to see. At the bottom is the option to completely unsubscribe.












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