How Not to use Avvo

Update: I was not completely correct in my assessment in this post. I have a second post which corrects this one, but I did not want to erase this post. I don’t think it appropriate to erase one’s errors as if they never existed. Please view this post for my update. I Spoke with Avvo Again, I am Very Disturbed

I have noticed my Avvo posts are a popular item on my blog. I’m happy to keep telling you what I discover about Avvo as long as  you want to keep reading about it.

Improper Use of Avvo

Here is an interesting thing I have noticed.  A number of people seem to claim Avvo listings and then not fill out the profile. In some cases the listing is claimed and nothing more is done. In other cases an email address and a website is added. In still other cases a tiny bit more might be provided along with a picture.

None of these choices is wise when it comes to Avvo.  Since Avvo operates on a ratings system, if you or someone on your behalf claims your listing but doesn’t complete it, your score isn’t going to be terribly good.  Generally it seems most people score in the 6-7 range with no disciplinary action and 10 or more years out of school.

I am not sure who is doing the claiming, but something tells me it isn’t the attorneys themselves. Perhaps someone responsible for marketing at a firm or a consultant. In any case, claiming a listing this way simply means the person claiming the listing doesn’t understand how Avvo works.

Proper Use of Avvo

As I have said repeatedly, for Avvo to work for an attorney it is crucial that the attorney, or someone on his behalf, actually completes the profile. This is what causes the increase in rating.

If someone is going to claim your listing but not fill out the information, he might as well just leave it unclaimed. Avvo isn’t meant to be just another place to place your email address or firm website. It is a place of comparison.   If your listing is claimed on your behalf by someone who doesn’t understand how the site works, it is very likely that you will fall short in that comparison when people are looking around for an attorney on the Avvo site.

Attorneys, check and see if someone has claimed your listing on your behalf. If they have, get them to fill out your profile properly so your score can properly reflect your expertise.

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