How to Delete a Facebook Post from your Timeline

I get questions about deleting a post a lot, Facebook constantly changes how deleting posts works. I keep rewriting my post in response. So here is how to delete or edit a Facebook post as of November 17, 2017.

Updating for mobile on June 1, 2018.

In General

Basically, on posts. you are looking for carets ^ or you are looking for three dots …

These will be in the upper right corner of posts.

On comments, you need to hover your mouse near the comment to see the dots, or click on the comment itself on mobile devices.

On occasion, you will be looking for an X

After you find the carets, dots, X, or options, you can go from there.

Now some specifics.

Removing a Post Someone Else Wrote on a Friend’s Wall (You Can’t)

You cannot physically remove a post that someone else posted on a friend’s wall. Depending on the device you are on, you may be able to hide such a post. If not, you will have to report it to avoid seeing it again.

On a computer, begin by looking for the three dots on the upper right hand corner of the post. When you click on the dots, you will see a drop down.

At the very bottom, you will see “Report post.” Click on that. When you do, another box will pop-up. You simply need to choose the appropriate option. Then another box will open and you should choose whatever you like. I don’t know why Facebook is making it so hard to simply hide a post. But there it is.

Hiding a Comment Someone Else Wrote on a Friend’s Wall

If you think someone’s comment on another person’s page is annoying and just don’t want to see it, you can hide it. Hover your mouse by the comment. You will see an X. Click on the X and you will have the option to hide the comment.

Remove a Post You Wrote on Another Person’s Wall

Let’s say you posted something on a friend’s wall, and now you want to remove it. You again begin by clicking on the three dots. Then you will see a list of options. Delete is second from the bottom.


Removing a Post from your Own Facebook Wall

Simply click on the thee dots on the upper right and choose delete. This works for your own posts or other people’s posts.

Deleting a Comment You Wrote on Facebook

Put your mouse on the far right by the comment you want to delete. Three dots will appear. The dots only appear when you hover your mouse over the correct area. Click on the dots and you will see the option to edit or delete.


Deleting a Comment Someone Else Wrote on Your Facebook Wall

On your own wall, if you delete a post, all of the comments will go as well. But if you just want to delete a comment that someone else wrote, while leaving the post intact, the process is similar to deleting your own comment. Again, you have to hover your mouse to the far right of the comment. This time you will only see an X, not three dots. Click on the X and you can remove the comment.

Removing someone else's Facebook Comment from your Wall or post


Here is an update on Mobile for June 1, 2018.

I find not that the way to delete or edit a post is to press down on the content of the post. Then a box pops up so you can choose your options. This works on both my iPad and on my Android phone.

This is the old content from 2017. I am leaving it for now, until I confirm the above change and have a chance to do screen shots.

I checked my iPad and this is what I found today:

Deleting a Post on your Own Wall

If you want to delete a post on your own wall, you will need to click on the caret ^ on the upper right. You will see a box that provides the various options. I imagine sooner or later Facebook will change the caret to three dots. So if you see dots instead of a caret, click on them.

  • If you wrote the post, you can edit or delete it.
  • If someone else wrote the post, you can delete it.

Removing a Post on Someone Else’s Wall

If  you wrote the post, you will see the caret. When you click on the caret you will see the option to edit or delete.

If you did not write the post, you will still see the caret. When you click on it, you may be able to hide it, or you may have to report it, which will eventually make it so you cannot see it. Right now, on my iPad, I am able to hide posts I don’t want to see.

Deleting, Editing, or Hiding a Comment

Dealing with comments on mobile normally means clicking on the comment itself. Normally there are no dots, Xs or anything else. If you click on the comment, you will see whatever options are appropriate for you. So click on the comment and you should see your options.

  • You can edit or delete a comment you wrote, on your own wall or other people’s walls.
  • You can delete comments others wrote on your wall.
  • You can hide comments on other people’s walls, if you did not write them.


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