What if you don’t want your pictures pinned on Pinterest?

A lot of photographers really don’t like Pinterest. Others do. If you don’t want your images pinned simply use the following code:

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

If you do this a user who tries to pin your images will receive a warning that pinning has been disabled.

I am of two minds about the nopin code. I think most people will respect the fact that you don’t want your images pinned and will obey your wishes. But some people might choose to simply download your images and then upload to Pinterest for pinning. In that case there is always the risk the pinner won’t put a proper link back to you. Also, you will have a harder time figuring out whether your images have been pinned at all and so might not know to send a take down notice.

If you find your image has been pinned and you want it removed, use Pinterest’s shiny new takedown notice system.

The last thing I will say here is that before you stop people from pinning your work, consider the possible benefits. Your work will likely find a far greater audience than it ever would have otherwise. You might want to embrace Pinterest instead of being afraid of it. But of course, that is entirely up to you.

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