I should have known there was an app for that – Teleprompters

I set up a few hours of video recording for one of my clients today.  Only one of the videos required a script and the office manager put it on some boards for the attorney. The videographer looked at the boards and said oh, I have a teleprompter app. The rest of us looked at each other and clearly were thinking, well of course you do.

The videographer had a little stand he had made that fit right under the camera, (adjustable to the height of the camera) which took care of the need to have someone hold the iPad and also encouraged the speaker to look in the right direction.

The funny thing is a lot of videographers with whom I work have no idea that there are teleprompter apps.

A quick look online told me I should have known better. Oh well, I can’t know everything.

If you have reason for a teleprompter, there are numerous apps for both the iPad and Android tablets.

iPad http://appadvice.com/appguides/show/teleprompter-apps
Android http://www.androidzoom.com/android_applications/teleprompter

Enjoy the prompting.

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