What Do Lawyers and Clients Think of Lawyers with Home Offices?

attorney home office
Many lawyers have home offices these days. They often manage quite well in them.

Question: Does having a home-based legal practice change the way your practice is viewed by other legal professionals? If so, how has this affected your practice? How have you adapted your practice to address this?

These days, home-based offices are so common that other lawyers and most clients are not opposed to the idea. It is conceivable that some people might feel that you aren’t a real lawyer without an office. Those people are what I call financially foolish. There are many lawyers who are perfectly capable of working from home without any limitations. Lawyers who can work from home often have substantially lower costs. This, in turn, allows them to reduce the fees that they would have to charge, if they ran a typical law office. In other words, it is a win for the client.

The way most lawyers deal with any potential issues is that they make certain they have a separate entrance and office in their home, or they rent a mailbox and space from a building. There are a lot of buildings out there that allow you to rent space only when you need it. You pay a monthly fee for access to the building and then a fee when you want to reserve a room for meetings.

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