Posting from Twitter to LinkedIn No Longer Works

With the number of social media networks out there, users rely on the ability to post on one site and automatically share those posts to other sites. For the most part, people seem to prefer Twitter or Facebook.  A lot of Twitter users automatically send their posts to LinkedIn.

Twitter has decided to throw a wrench into those people’s lives by disabling the ability to post from Twitter to LinkedIn. Now if you want to put the same post on LinkedIn and Twitter, LinkedIn suggests you post it on LinkedIn and check the box to post to Twitter.

The problem is that LinkedIn, is a valuable site for business people, but it cannot begin to compete with Twitter.  Business people are generally too busy to fool around with posting on a large number of sites. I simply am not sure this is a wise move on the part of LinkedIn. I know I wouldn’t bother with status updates on LinkedIn if I specifically had to visit the site to post those updates.

Fortunately, there are ways around this problem. Tools such as Hootsuite enable users to post in one place and share on numerous sites. So those of you who are affected by this change, sign up for the free version of Hootsuite  and continue to control where and when you post. Write your posts on Hootsuite just as you would on Twitter, then send the post to Twitter and LinkedIn (and other sites too) with the check of a box.

Here is the email I received from LinkedIn.


Blog post edited to reflect the fact that the disabling of posting came from Twitter and not from LinekdIn.

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