Guest Post: Let’s Look at Nooks!

Guest Post – By my Sister!

My sister, Loren Smyth, is a stay-at-home mom.  Therefore, my sister is (a) busier than me, (b) has a more important job than I do and is (c) able to see technology from a different point of view than I. Therefore, I am very pleased to bring my sister’s perspective to this blog. Hopefully she will write more posts in the future.

Today, Loren is sharing her experience with several types of Nooks from Barnes and Noble. (Don’t blame Loren for the title and headings of the post.  That’s all me.) Specifically, she talks about the Nook Color and the Nook Simple Touch.

A Look at Various Nooks – Loren Smyth

I read. I read a lot.  To me there is nothing quite like holding a brand new book, flipping through the pages, feeling the weight as you cuddle on the couch under your favorite blanket with a cup of hot tea at your side. That said there is no avoiding the practicality of an e-reader.

My Experience with the Nook Color – If at First we Don’t Succeed

Two years ago my husband bought me a Nook Color for Mother’s Day. I used it. More than I thought I would.  And honestly I hated it.  Not because of the loss of the physical books, but because it just never worked correctly. It would freeze and highlight sections of text randomly. It would blank out pages of the book and I couldn’t get them back to read the events of the page. I would have to restart it constantly to make it work correctly.  David did bring it back to the store and the staff there reset it, updated it and said there- all better.  It wasn’t.  Took it back again-same results.  Replaced the device-same results.  So two years in I’m still not a Nook Color fan. I do however love Barnes and Noble.  I love the website, the selection, the prices, my discounts.  And I do like the idea of the e-reader convenience.  Finish one book of a series, ready for the next? One click and there you go. And now my two children are voracious readers and as a products of the me generation they are of the “why can’t we just download it now” mentality.

Nook Simple TouchTime to get them their own e-readers.  I didn’t want them to have tablets.  If I want them to read I want them to read.  Not surf the net, play music, play angry birds or the latest zombie game.  Just read, like they would read a book. Plus they are 7 and 10.  They have laptops, netbooks (thanks Aunt Jen) phones (again thanks Aunt Jen), every video gaming system under the sun (thanks David).  Why would they need a tablet? There is a thing as too much technology you know. All of this leads me to buying them Nook Simple Touches.  Got them on sale with book light accessories, cases, screen protections, and paid less than $160 for everything.  Not bad. The kids love them.

Simple Touch is Kid Friendly

Tyler finished his physical copy of Catching Fire and wanted Mockingjay? Click. Maddie is looking for the new Seeker book? Search by author and click.  Download, and off to read. They work really really well. The simple touches are the perfect size for their hands. They are easy to throw in a backpack, or an overnight bag. I have two incredibly happy children. Good Barnes and Noble. I got exactly what I wanted and needed for the kids.

Good Customer Service? Wow!

But this brings me back to my hatred of my Nook Color-acting as an uncharged paperweight on my bedside table.  Talk about being resentful of one stupid, not working, won’t someone please throw it across the room so I don’t have to be a bad example of behavior to my kids, piece of junk.

Nook HD+


One phone call to Barnes and Noble later, an explanation of the issues, a lovely member of the management team who actually understood the concept of customer service and the importance of customer loyalty later I am the proud owner of a Nook HD +.

(Please note, Loren will review the Nook HD+ after she has had some time to use it. I will follow up with a look at the tech behind the Nook HD+.)

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