Looking for Updates on Your Stimulus Payment?

The IRS is launching tools to help people learn about their stimulus payments. You can find information on your eligibility as well as a form to enter payment information for direct deposit.

As of today, April 15, non-tax filers may enter their payment information on the IRS’ website here. People who do file will be able to track their information on the IRS’ website here. These tools are still in development, so please be patient. Calling the IRS is likely to lead to very long wait times, so you are better off using the IRS’ online tools. Note that the link changes from IRS.gov to https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/#/fd/EconomicImpactPayment This is an acceptable site to use. It was created in concert with some businesses. Make sure it is the correct site though.

Problems with the Site?

As of 6:30 pm on 4/15, the site seems to be pretty buggy. Not too surprising. Old technology, rapidly launched site. Hopefully, things will improve. So, don’t worry too much if you receive a message that your eligibility cannot be determined or something along those lines. It could also be that the site is just overwhelmed due to the number of people trying to use it.

Incorrect Information?

If you used direct deposit in the past, but your bank has changed, you can update your information using the IRS’ website. You can also correct your address if you moved and expect a paper check. You want to use the Get My Payment link to make changes. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/get-my-payment

Watch Out for Scammers!

Make sure that you only rely on the IRS website for information. Scammers will take advantage of people looking for information. They will also do what they can to steal your stimulus money. The best way to get your stimulus funds is through direct deposit from the government. You can sue the links above to provide the information.

Beware Fake Checks

Scammers are sending out fake checks. My guess is they are hoping that they will be able to convince people to send money back to them. In that case, the check they sent will be bad. It will look as if it cleared (because things seem to clear faster than they really do) and then you will be on the hook for whatever you sent to the scammer. It can take months for a check to properly clear. Scammers could also just be trying to steal your bank information. It will be a while before paper checks go out.

No Legitimate Government Official Will Call to Discuss Your Stimulus Payment

The IRS will not call you to discuss your stimulus payment. Anyone calling you and claiming to be from the IRS or the government and trying to discuss your stimulus payment is a scammer. Do not be fooled.

No Legitimate Government Official Will Email You

Any emails you receive that claim to be from the IRS or any government agency are false and seeking to steal your money.

If a So-Called Bank Representative Contacts You

If someone claims to be from a bank and calls, emails, texts, or sends a letter, they are likely a scammer. If you receive a supposed communication from your bank, look up the phone number for your bank on the web and call directly. Do not use any phone number provided to you in an email, text, letter, etc. This is because if it is a scam, the scammer will put their own number in the item.

You Do Not Need to Do Anything to Receive Your Funds

If you are eligible for stimulus funds you will receive them. You do not need to take any action at all. Completing the IRS form for non-tax filers may speed up the process, but if you do not do it you will still receive a check at some point. Anyone claiming you need to do anything, pay anything, whatever, is a scammer. In some cases, it may take months to receive your check. This will be because you have not filed taxes in 2018 or 2019 and/or the government does not have correct direct deposit information for you. Use the form linked above to provide the correct bank information for direct deposit.

Thanks for the Information, TaxGirl

Thank you to Kelly Erb, otherwise known as TaxGirl, for keeping us all up to date. Kelly has written numerous posts on the stimulus payments. You can find them all on Forbes.

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