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One of the pleasures of the work I am doing now, and the fact I devote a lot of my time to social media is that I keep meeting extraordinary people. I just met a new one last week.

I had seen the picture and posts of Paramjit Mahli several times over the past few months. I noticed what she had to say because (a) it was well written and (b) it addressed issue of interest to me, namely attorney PR.

Recently, Paramjit sent me a message and said she would love to chat on the phone. Sounded good to me, and we finally managed to connect last Friday.  During our one hour chat we quickly moved from total strangers to two people who realized that we have a lot in common as business women in the similar worlds in which we travel.  I asked Paramjit if there was anything I could do to help her and she said yes, would you please let people know about my PR Network? And of course, I said yes.

Lawyers Need Help with PR

It is no secret that we lawyers need help with PR. I do some work in this area, of course, as to some wonderfully talented colleagues of mine. But let’s face it, hiring a consultant, even for just a few hours, is sometimes beyond the realm of a solo or small firm, especially in these difficult economic times. Understanding this, Paramjit has decided to make her website, the Legal PR Network, extremely cost-effective. So cost-effective that, currently, it is free.

Helping Lawyers Stand Out as Resources to the Media

A great way to obtain clients is for lawyers to put their names in the press. If you, as an attorney, get calls from the press seeking your thoughts on a legal issue, if you are qualified to answer the question, you should do so. If you aren’t qualified, you should send the reporter on to a colleague. If you can become a resource to the press, the press will keep coming back to you, and in turn, your name will get out there more and more frequently.  But the question remains, how do you get that first call?

This is what the Legal PR Service aims to do.  This service, which really is quite clever, helps the lawyer members connect with the media. It’s as simple as that.

So if you would like to find a way to connect with the press, check out the Legal PR Network.

You can sign up here.


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