Member of PBA? Consider Joining the Solo/Small Firm Section

Approximately 65% of the attorneys in Pennsylvania practice as solos or in small firms. Small is loosely defined as 10 attorneys or under. A great resource for those who practice in solo or small firms is the Pennsylvania Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Practice Section. I have been involved with the section for almost 13 years. First as the liaison from PBI, then as a member of the section, and now as the secretary of the section’s council.

To my mind the benefits of belonging to the solo and small firm section are huge. One of the largest benefits is access to the email list. The amount of information people are willing to share about practicing law, law practice management, or just general advice is unbelievable. And for those who are the only attorney in a firm, the opportunity to run ideas past other attorneys is absolutely crucial. In fact, some members of the section, when addressing the email list, refer to it as “firm.”

I’ve also been attending the solo and small firm retreats or law practice management institutes for all of my years at PBI. In fact, in many cases, I planned the events as part of my PBI responsibilities. This year I will be attending without having any responsibilities, other than as a member of council, and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the experience. The opportunity to network with solo and small firm practitioners in person is hugely valuable. Not to mention, the solos and smalls are just a fun group.

If you are already a member of the PBA and want to join the section, do so now because you will get a substantial discount on the Retreat. The cost of section membership is free for first time members or for those who haven’t been a member for at least 5 years.

If you don’t already belong to PBA, consider joining, because  not only will you get discounts at seminars for being a member, you will also receive coupons for PBI seminars, along with access to InCite (free legal research) and numerous other valuable benefits. For example, I get my malpractice insurance through USI Affinity and my credit card processing through LawPay. Both benefits set up through the PBA.

Check out the Solo and Small Firm Practice Section here.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association here.

This year’s Retreat here.

Any questions? Drop me a line, I’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of joining PBA or the section with anyone who is interested.


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