Microsoft Surface – Hard Type Cover Keyboard

When I got home last night a package was sitting at my door. It was labeled “do not show or sell before October 26.” Ah ha, my new keyboard!

It was late so I didn’t want to spend much time playing with it, but I could see an immediate difference between the touch keyboard and the new one. This keyboard has actual keys that compress. It is also thicker than the touch keyboard.  However, it is still surprisingly thin and doesn’t add much size or weight to the Microsoft Surface.

Right now, I am typing this blog post on it.  While the keys do not move as much as on a regular laptop keyboard, they definitely compress.  I can see I will have no trouble using this keyboard. So my keyboard problem is now solved with the Microsoft Surface.  Phew.

I absolutely recommend you spend the money on the hard Type Cover.  It is worth the small amount of additional weight and size.

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