Mint Cell Phone Service a Review

I promised I would update you on Mint’s cell phone service* after I had occasion to be out of my home.

Everything Seems Solid for Mint Mobile

I made a couple of calls, used Google Maps, and tried some other apps. This was in various locations including on suburban, highway, and urban roads. I live in the Philadelphia area, which generally has good signals for Sprint and T-Mobile. Mint uses those towers.

I found the sound quality of my calls to be fine. I had no dropped signals. None of my calls were very long. Texts went through without a problem. So whatever problem I was having with texts not going through before was definitely due to sim card trial issue. Whatever that was. Google maps directed me without any problems. The speed of the connection was 4G and it was just as good if not better than previously on my phone.

Weird App/Widget Issue

I am experiencing an odd issue with my phone though. First, the Facebook app was removed from the phone. I reinstalled it. Second, right now I cannot add any widgets. The Google Voice widget stopped working. While I can create new windows for my phone, I cannot add any widgets or shortcuts. I haven’t spent any time researching the issue yet. I am sure I will figure it out.

*This is an affiliate link. If you use it to buy service I get a credit towards my Mint mobile account.

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