Mobile Banking – Depositing Checks by Smart Phone

Mobile Banking by App – Depositing Checks

I mentioned a while ago that I picked a new bank  that has a smart phone app. I finally got around to installing and using the app a few weeks ago and I wanted to tell you about my experience. I had a number of checks I had been holding onto, 5 I think, so I figured it would be a good way to see how the app worked.

Enrolling in Mobile Banking

The first step is to enroll your bank account so you can connect it with the app. This simply required a few clicks on my banks website.

Setting up the App

The next step was simply downloading and setting up the app. I did so for both my Android phone and my iPad. Since I had already enrolled and created a username and password, all I had to do was put in the right information and I was ready to go.

Depositing the Checks with the Mobile App

Depositing the checks requires the click of a button, and then taking two pictures. First you snap a picture of the front of the check, and submit it.  Then you take a picture of a back of the check and submit it. The app makes certain it can read what it needs to read and if everything is ok, that is it. You are done.

The checks were available in my account within a business day.

Issues with the Mobile App

The main issue I had occurred when I had to deal with larger checks, in terms of the physical side. I wasn’t quite certain how to frame the checks with my camera.  Regular-sized checks are much easier. But with a little practice I was all set.

Mobile Check Deposits Work Well

The system works very well. I had no problems with my bank recognizing the checks and no delay in having access to the funds from the checks after I deposited them. I am very pleased that I no longer need to go to the bank to deposit my checks.


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