My Phone is Freaking Me Out

Google and my Phone are Freaking me Out a Bit


I have long accepted that my phone is following my movements. I get that I have given awaPhone is Freaking me Outy a great deal of my privacy for the sake of convenience. But sometimes I am abruptly reminded of how much I have given away and how much tech companies know about me now.

Pretty quickly, all on its own, Google’s app realized my work address and my home address.  Then it started telling me, about 15 minutes before I would normally leave for work and again about 15 minutes before I would leave to go home, what the traffic is like and how long I could expect my drive to be.

In addition, Google reads from my calendar and gives me a warning based on the information. Time to go to x location, it will take you this long.

Yesterday, I happened to leave work early. Just now, about 15 minutes before the time I left yesterday, Google informed me how long it would take me to go home.

Google has gotten to the point where its apps are tracking me so closely, and storing what I do so well, that it immediately recognizes a change in my schedule and responds accordingly.

How convenient. And how freaky.


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