Need CLE? December Compliance is Here. Blatant Marketing Pitch

This is blatant marketing. I’m sorry.

For those who don’t want to pay attention or don’t need CLE, please skip to the next post. I figure it isn’t so bad if I warn you first, right?


If you follow this blog you know I have been involved in CLE for many years from my time with PBI. So no surprise, I decided to launch a website for CLE.  You probably know that too since I have discussed the process I undertook in creating the store.

The Quality

As it happens, I am pretty darn good at creating CLE. I’ve won awards and everything.  My courses at PBI, whether I taught or organized, were highly rated. So because of my background and the fact that I take seminar creation very seriously, you will find that we aren’t just providing CLE credits, we are providing usable information.

The seminars you will find on our website are solid, educational and entertaining. Once you watch the seminars you will have obtained information you will be able to actively use for improving your firm from the moment you have completed them. The value contained within each seminar, if I say so myself, is excellent.

The Speakers

Ellen Freedman and I recorded a series of 6 seminars, 5 ethics and 1 substantive, that are available at your convenience on our website. When Ellen and I speak we get all 4s and 5s (out of 5) because we are entertaining and informative. We also know what we are talking about. Arrogant? Yes. But true too.

You can take the seminars whenever you like, but if you need credit for December please complete them by December 31, 11:59 pm. You can watch them on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Once you download one of our seminars it is yours and you may watch it whenever you desire.  Same with the written materials. We have tried to make our site as convenient and easy as possible.

The Topics

Our topics are:

Social Media and Ethics
Social Media – an Update for 2011 (This seminar includes a 20 minute discussion on setting your privacy on Facebook)
Getting Paid Part I and II
Customer Service
Selling a Law Firm

We will be adding more seminars next year, as well as more written materials.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Pennsylvania attorneys, once you complete the seminar you need to send in an attestation form. The forms are included with your materials.  You have one week to send in the form after you view the seminar. Remember, only 4 credits per year through distance education.

New Jersey attorneys, our seminars work for you too. You can take up to 1/2 of your credits via alternative methods, which includes on-demand, on-line seminars.

Other States

Our seminars qualify for credit in many other self-reporting states. Just check the rules for your jurisdiction. If you need our help let me know.

Seminar on Facebook Privacy

For those who are interested, I took the full, 60 minute seminar on social media and pulled out the segment on Facebook Privacy. Those 20 minutes on Facebook Privacy and how to set your privacy are available as a separate seminar. (No CLE Credit – Too Short.)


Just visit our website if you need CLE; or really good education. Or both. Ok? Thank you.

Ok, marketing pitch over.

Happy New Year!

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