Sprint did something the Collection Agency Didn’t. Caused me to Raise my Voice

Part One

So I emailed Sprint about the bad Jennifer Ellis. I got a call back to be told:

1. There is nothing they can do because there are 20 other Jennifer Ellises

2. It isn’t their fault.

3. I need to call ERSolutions.

4. It isn’t their fault.

5. They didn’t provide my data to ERSolutions.

I explained I have called ERSolutions, 3 times. I was told, well there is nothing Sprint can do and it isn’t their fault. I said you hired ERSolutions, it is your fault.  At this I actually started to raise my voice.  The person kept insisting I had to call ERSolutions and it wasn’t their fault.  I didn’t owe them any money so there was nothing they could do. Note the fact it is because I didn’t owe them money there was nothing they could do, i.e. a good customer, so there is nothing they could do. When I said, you gave them my data the customer service rep flat out denied it.

At this I raised my voice more and finally just said you are going to lose a customer and you sent these people after me, the wrong Jennifer Ellis,so you had best do something about it. Well, the woman is sorry.  But it’s not their fault. Sorry?  That’s it? Never mind doesn’t everyone love those insincere apologies?

Oh Sprint.

Part Two

I am on the phone now holding. I will update you on my experience. Sprint had best be making up for this quickly, or they will find out what an irritated social media expert can do.

Matt from Sprint called ERSolutions and everything should be solved now.  Note Matt was able to call ERSolutions. So apparently there was something the first customer representative could have done. She was just lazy. Too bad I don’t know her name. I would prefer to share it.

Moving on.

I said ok, how will you compensate me for the inconvenience.  Silence. Well, since we don’t have your PIN code there is nothing we can do (I have no idea what my PIN code is.) But then it changes from, no PIN Code to unreasonable expectations. (I told them to give me a month of service.)  I said get me a different supervisor. He keeps talking and trying to explain himself. I said I don’t want to talk to you. I want a different supervisor. Keeps talking. I said. Go. So, Matt finally went. Really, if you have a customer who keeps telling you she doesn’t want to talk to you, why would you keep talking? Is that ever going to go well?

Still vacillating back and forth on responsibility by the way.

Part Three

Next I spoke to Tammy. We are back to the claim they can do nothing without a PIN Code.  I have to ask, how can a company only be able to use some PIN code created who knows when, no social security, credit card, last payment made? But I digress. So ok, they can’t do anything without a PIN Code. I’ll accept that. I think it is dumb, but I’ll accept it.

I said to Tammy that good old Matt said there was nothing he could do. She again mentioned the PIN Code. I said well there has to be a way to change it. Oh yes, in a store or with a letter. So send me a letter I said. I am in no particular rush, I just want to be compensated for my trouble.

Oh, she says, as if a light bulb is going on.  This by the way is pretty much the same thing I said to Matt, but he couldn’t think of a way to send me a letter and then help me with my request for compensation.  So one up on Tammy.  Anyway, she sent a letter and is supposed to call me next week.  Really folks.  There have to be better ways to handle this.

Understand, all this means is that Tammy and I will be discussing the compensation they will give me for making me angry and wasting my time. It is not any kind of promise they will actually do anything.

What Do I Want?

All I asked for, I will remind you, is a month of service. My service costs about $70. We aren’t talking a fortune here, for making me spend time on the phone on three separate occasions with ERSolutions, and now two times with Sprint. I’m not asking for the farm. Sprint inconvenienced me and wasted my time. Frankly, it was their customer service that upset me, not ERSolutions.  I think I deserve something for my trouble since it was completely their fault or the fault of their agent. This is not a difficult concept in customer service, is it? I’m not going to sue them over it, I’m not reaching for the sky. But what ever happened to accepting responsibility and making up to  the customer when you mess up?


1 ERSolutions Letter

3 ERSolutions Phone Calls

1 Sprint Email

2 Sprint Phone Calls

3 Sprint Representatives

2 Sprint Representatives having me yell at them

1 Letter (awaiting)

1 Phone call (awaiting)

1 Form of compensation (not holding breath)

2 (or more) Blog Posts = Probably more than enough compensation


By the way, I know I shouldn’t have yelled. But gosh darn it they just made me see red.

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