Prevent other people from seeing app postings on your Facebook timeline

The Issue

A lot of apps like to post on your Timeline so other people can see what you are doing in hopes that you will use the app too. This includes game apps like Words With Friends, and newspapers like The Washington Post.  Fortunately, while it isn’t always possible to completely get rid of the posts, there is a way to hide them from other people.

The Solution

1. The first thing is to get yourself to the privacy section of your Facebook account. Do this by clicking on the down arrow that sits next to the word “Home” on the top right of the Facebook page. When you click on the arrow you will see a bunch of choices, including “Privacy Settings.”  Click on it.








2. Now that you are in Privacy settings, you need to  find “Ads, Apps, and Websites” and click on “Edit Settings.”








3. Once you are in the right place, you will see the line “Apps you use.” Click on “Edit Settings.”






4. Now you will see all of the apps you use. You can edit each app by clicking on “Edit” next to the app you want to control.





5. Once you click on edit you can pick the settings you want. If you can remove the option allowing the app to share on your Timeline, go ahead and remove it. If the option is there and removable you will see an X next to it. Just click on the X.

In addition, you set it so that the only person who can see posts on your Timeline from the app is you. This provides additional security for you.


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