Remember FC? He Hasn’t Given Up

Poor, poor FC.
Poor, poor FC.

For FC Being in the Wrong and Getting Called Out is Problematic

You probably remember that I posted about a guy who decided to call me a bad name on Facebook.  I didn’t use his name, of course, but he did experience some ramifications on Facebook when I told people what he had done.  He then followed me to Quora.  Yesterday, he tried to get in touch with me through my firm’s online chat.

By the way, the name he was using on Facebook is John Roberts, Sr, Esq.  No idea if that is his real name, I don’t think it is. But since he continues to try to bug me, I figure I should let you know. This is the link to the account he was using on Facebook.  I think he deleted or disabled it.

Am I Worried about FC?

A number of people have now asked me if I am worried and have called the police. The answer is that I feel the same way now as I did before when FC first started acting up. We have a man who didn’t like that a woman said something and has decided to try to silence her through…I am not sure what this was..maybe an effort at intimidation. And that is all I see here.

However, don’t worry. I have good security and if I should become concerned, FC has left plenty of evidence for the police to use to track him down. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to identify them through the traces they leave on the web. Each effort to get my attention just makes it easier to identify him.

Note to FC – Time to Stop

Consider this a formal cease and desist notice. Any more contact, I’ll go to the police. The police will be able to identify you through your online conduct. You are violating the law and engaging in stalking. So you need to stop now. Obviously you are reading these posts or you wouldn’t have used the name “FC.”

The Chat

Here is the conversation he had with our customer service person.

Chat Summary
Chat Transcript
*** Time stamps within the Chat Transcript are in Central Time. ***[5/22/2015 8:24:52 PM CDT] :[5/22/2015 8:24:53 PM CDT] System: The visitor has joined the conversation.
[5/22/2015 8:24:58 PM CDT] Sylvia: Hi, I am Sylvia. How may I assist you?
[5/22/2015 8:25:22 PM CDT] Visitor: Hi Sylvia, may I speak to Jennifer Ellis?
[5/22/2015 8:25:33 PM CDT] Sylvia: We may be able to help you with that.
[5/22/2015 8:25:52 PM CDT] Sylvia: Would you mind holding while I check on that?
[5/22/2015 8:25:59 PM CDT] Visitor: Yes
[5/22/2015 8:26:10 PM CDT] Visitor: I would mind
[5/22/2015 8:26:15 PM CDT] Visitor: I’m in a rush
[5/22/2015 8:26:19 PM CDT] Sylvia: I apologize, but I do not have that on hand. If you would like to leave your contact information I can request that you be contacted as soon as possible.
[5/22/2015 8:26:29 PM CDT] Sylvia: What would be the best number for us to call?
[5/22/2015 8:26:50 PM CDT] Visitor: 888-596-2478 (this is our phone number)
[5/22/2015 8:26:55 PM CDT] Sylvia: Is there an email address you’d like to provide in case they miss you by phone?
[5/22/2015 8:27:51 PM CDT] Visitor: (this is my email address)
[5/22/2015 8:28:18 PM CDT] Sylvia: May I ask your name?
[5/22/2015 8:28:27 PM CDT] Visitor: Jennifer Ellis  (This, of course, is my name)
[5/22/2015 8:28:30 PM CDT] Visitor: But you can call me FC
[5/22/2015 8:29:05 PM CDT] Sylvia: Are you an existing client?
[5/22/2015 8:29:16 PM CDT] Visitor: Yes
[5/22/2015 8:29:19 PM CDT] Visitor: You guys suck
[5/22/2015 8:29:35 PM CDT] Sylvia: Since you are an existing client, I would be happy to forward your contact details and ask the lawyer to contact you directly.
[5/22/2015 8:29:55 PM CDT] System: The visitor has left the conversation.
[5/22/2015 8:30:11 PM CDT] Sylvia: Thank you Jennifer. I will forward this transcript immediately and request that you are contacted as soon as possible.*** Time stamps within the Chat Transcript are in Central Time. ***
You do not have to do anything if you want to ACCEPT this conversation.


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