Book Review – Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing

The neat thing about social media is it enables me to meet all sorts of cool people. One such person is Gerry Oginski, a man considered to be one of the gurus of video legal marketing. Recently Gerry sent me a copy of his Book, “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube” and asked me if I would review it. After a long delay, I am happy to do so.

First thing’s first. I like this book and am happy to recommend it. Gerry knows what he is talking about, the book is easy to read, and it offers good advice.

Now to the specifics.


Good use of QR Codes

The first thing I noticed about Gerry’s book is the use of QR codes. Right on the cover is the first code, allowing you to see a video message from Gerry about his book. Then, throughout the book are QR codes which use video to support the statements Gerry makes. Very clever and very useful.

Good Content

Gerry’s content is very helpful. He walks the reader through how he learned about using video, the things you need to know about creating video, and advice on what you should and should not do with video. The content is easy to read. Gerry is an engaging writer and I found the book a quick read. Gerry discusses the results of video, explains why you should use video, and also, why you shouldn’t.


Areas Gerry addresses include:

The good and bad of video
The importance of showing how you are different
Understanding your viewer
Why quality matters
How to create video yourself
Where to shoot video
Why you should (and should not) create video


There are a number of good guides on creating video, but Gerry is an attorney and so speaks from an attorney’s perspective. If you are looking to get into video marketing (and Gerry and I are of one mind on this – you should) Gerry’s book is a good start. Click on the picture at the top of this post to see the book on Amazon.

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