Social Media Is Changing the World – Finding Business and Making Friends

I now have over 500 friends on Facebook, a small number of followers on Twitter, and a lot of connections on LinkedIn.

As I mentioned previously when I first began to utilize Social Media I was definitely one of the people who didn’t really recognize its uses for professional purposes.  In my talks with the Senior Staff at my organization when they asked me how our Facebook page was going I would shrug and say, “people are ‘liking’ it but I have no idea if it is bringing in business.  Still, we have to have the presence.”  And they would nod and agree, we need to have a presence. And we do.

At the time though I was overlooking my very own growing network of connections.  I have begun to meet extraordinary people on Facebook that I would never have had a chance to meet otherwise.  I have met Tim Baran, a brilliant user of Social Media himself and a CLE expert who is generous with his time and energy.  Tim is responsible for me starting my own Blog.

I have met Executive Directors and staff of numerous CLE organizations, including Paul Wood and Jennifer Flynn of the Legal Education Society of Alberta (I had my very first video Skype conversation with Paul – the purpose? A discussion on Social Media and CLE.)  I met Stuart Teicher whom I ended up bringing in as a speaker for PBI and Cecil Caulkins who is retired from CLE and never fails to make me chuckle with his comments about his car and dogs.  I have put out requests for proposals for seminars and received responses from people all over the country enabling me to bring in the best possible speakers for the attorneys of Pennsylvania.

I have received feedback on my life, personally and professionally from people all over the the place with people who have all sorts of perspectives to offer.  In essence, my world has been expanded past the borders of Pennsylvania, throughout the United States and into numerous other countries.

I also have learned a great deal about Social Media. I am now to the point where I have spoken on the subject for my organization, and been asked to speak with a highly respected Pennsylvania family attorney and a Pennsylvania Judge, as well as been asked to consult for law firms.

What an extraordinary thing Social Media is.  How many ways there are to use it. 2010 was the year of Social Media?  Hang on to your hats folks, 2010 was nothing.  2011, now that is going to be an amazing.

Are you on Facebook yet?  Do you have a page for your Firm or your business?  You don’t?  Why not?  You definitely should.  As you can see from my experience the opportunities for contacts, finding clients, finding people with with whom to work are absolutely extraordinary.

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