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I realized today that I am more inclined to give negative reviews than positive. Isn’t that the way? So when someone asked me in response to my post on Sitelock if there are any good companies for keeping your website safe, I realized, this is the time to speak positively. So, I would like to recommend a product to you called Sucuri. Sucuri helps keep websites secure. Keeping your site secure is very important. Malware proliferates on websites. If your site contains malware, Google will blacklist it and you risk infecting any computer that visits your site.

My Experience with Sucuri

About a year and a half ago, a site I had just taken over got infected with malware. The source turned out to be some plugins that had not been updated in a long while. The site got blacklisted from Google and I got a panicked email from this new client. I hadn’t even had a chance to log in to the site. I needed help, and I needed it fast. After some research, I found a company called Sucuri, and thought it looked like it could help. So we paid the fee and I enlisted tech support’s assistance immediately. It took several tries, the malware kept coming back, but Sucuri stayed with it, and within the space of a few days, had fixed the site. Never once did the folks at Sucuri ask for additional money, despite the fact they spent an incredible amount of time working on the site. The employees were actually apologetic about the problem returning.

After this experience, I decided to use Sucuri for all of my sites. As it happens, the host I recommend to my clients, Web Synthesis,uses Sucuri to keep its servers safe.

About Sucuri

Sucuri was founded in 2008. Its goal is to help customers keep their websites clean. The cost for one year of protection for one website is $90. Bulk pricing is available. You can actually buy protection after your website is infected, like I did for my client. You can check your website at any time with a free scanner. If you use WordPress, there is a plugin you can install.

If you want to keep your website secure, check out Sucuri.  And no, despite my positive ravings, I do not get paid if you decide to purchase a subscription.

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