The Bad Jennifer Ellis is Back! She comes along with Convergent, Sprint and AT&T to torment me. So who wants to handle the lawsuit?

If you follow this blog, you might recall that I wrote about the bad, bad, Jennifer Ellis who doesn’t pay her bills. This Jennifer, when I first became aware of her, owed Ford a car and Sprint $300 or so. Now apparently she owes AT&T some money too. The statement actually says Palisades Collection, but Convergent tells me that it is for AT&T Wireless. I actually got a call from a private detective at one point threatening me over the car.  I called him back and said if you call me again or threaten me again, you will be the defendant in a lawsuit. He didn’t call me again. Go figure.

At any rate, sometime early last year I got a call from Ford asking me to pay for a car. We quickly realized they had the wrong Jennifer Ellis, chuckled about it and moved on. Some time later, I started to get texts from Sprint saying I owed money. I called Sprint, rather confused (I do have a Sprint account) and was told, oh no, you don’t owe money. And I moved on. Then the phone calls and letters started. I returned the calls to the collection company, ERSolutions, we established there was another another Jennifer Ellis, and as I said, that she is bad, bad, bad. ERSolutions removed my address from their system. When I called Sprint I actually had to scream at the customer service rep (high level mind you) to get the situation resolved.

Well, here we are again. It is now almost a year later, and the letters are back. Not only is it Sprint, now it is apparently AT&T. I am not sure who connected the AT&T account with my address.

I called into Convergent, spoke to a nice man, reminded him of the situation, and also, that I don’t actually need to hire a lawyer, being one and all. He put me through to Valerie, who at first had the audacity to tell me that I owed money. I interrupted her to say, excuse me, you just lied, you know I don’t owe the money, so in addition to the other violations of the federal act, you just committed another one. She was quiet for a moment and then said, you are on hold. She was considerably more polite upon her return. She confirmed neither account was mine and would make sure my information would be removed.

Right now I am on the phone with Sprint. I am keeping my temper, so far, but they are at least being very nice and apologetic. I first spoke to Tabatha. Now I am speaking to Leslie. Leslie has put me on hold so she can go speak to their financial group. Now I am speaking with Nancy. Nancy is looking for someone else. She is thinking she might need to send me to legal. I said well, sooner or later, because I’m gonna sue you. Now I am with Felicia. Felicia says nothing of mine is on the bad Jennifer’s account and that my information was removed. So I can only assume Sprint told Convergent to try again, and Convergent, for whatever reason came after me.  Felicia told me she would have the situation reviewed again just to make sure I won’t have any more problems. I am sure she will forgive me my lack of faith. I reminded her too that I would be considering my legal options.

Why did I tell everyone I am considering suing them? Well, I am actually hoping someone from Sprint’s legal will be informed of this and I will get a call. I would like an explanation and a promise of resolution.

I think at this point, we have had enough violations for me to pursue a lawsuit. None of these companies have offered much in terms of the waste of time and aggravation. I think Sprint gave me a tiny discount at some point, I would have to look.

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