Unhide the Facebook Map (Places) on your Profile


Update:  Here is how to do it.  Until Facebook changes it again. (As of 9/18/2013)

Note: Facebook Changed This – It No Longer Works

How to Put Facebook’s Map Back on your Profile

First, I should mention, frequently Facebook changes how things are managed on the site.  One thing it changes a lot is the map, otherwise known as places. So if you find an old post that isn’t quite right, don’t hesitate to let me know.  This post is written in response to a question about how to restore the Facebook map on your profile.

Find Your Map/Places Page

The first step is to find your own Facebook map or places page.  To do this you need to know your Facebook id, which is either a name you choose or a number assigned when you registered for Facebook.

Next type the following into your browser:


This will bring you to your Facebook map / Facebook places page.

It will look like this:

Facebook Map
Click to make larger










On the top, right  corner you will see the option, Add to Profile.  Click on it, and your map will be restored to your profile.

Simple as that.

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