Unhiding the Facebook Map – Again

Lost Your Facebook Map?

Here’s How to Get It Back

Much like deleting posts, Facebook keeps changing how to remove or show your map.  Otherwise known as places, I think I get more questions about hiding or showing the map than pretty much any other item on Facebook.  So here you go.  The new way to show or hide the map.

The Steps

1. Begin by making certain you are just looking at your account.  This means you aren’t seeing posts by anyone else, just the stuff actually posted on your wall.  You get there by clicking on your name.

If you are in the correct location, you will see the following on your cover photo.

Facebook Map Image 1

2. Click on Update Info and you will see this:

Facebook Places

3. Click on the pencil looking thing where I have the red arrow.  Next click on Edit Sections.  A box will pop up.

Delete Facebook Map

4. Make sure the box is checked for Places if you want to see your map, or unchecked if you don’t.  Note, you can rearrange the order of how things show on your profile by clicking and dragging.

5. Don’t forget to click Save.

 That’s It

So there you go.  Add or delete your Facebook map through these steps.  Until Facebook changes it again.  When it does, let me know and I will figure it out again.






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