Update on Pet Insurance

I promised I would let you know how it went with my pet insurance for Curtis’ extensive vet bills. I used Pet Plan for Curtis. His annual insurance was very expensive. It was getting to the point where I might well have considered canceling it due to the cost. I think had he lived another couple of years the cost would have been too great for the insurance, but it wasn’t there yet.

In the end, I got back everything I should have gotten from the insurance company. They definitely upheld their end of the bargain. I looked through everything closely and checked the written contract. Everything was handled quickly and the money was deposited into my account for some of the items and I was sent a check for the rest.

Given my experience, I can tell you, the Pet Plan insurance was worth it. I have Millie on Pet Plan and I will keep her on it. There may be a time when it is no longer cost-effective to keep Millie on Pet Plan, and at that point, I will decide whether to keep it. But right now, she costs $650 (about) per year. That is worth the peace of mind it gives me to know that Millie’s bills will be handled if something serious goes wrong.

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