Virtual Resources

Virtual Resouces for Lawyers and Other Businesses

Given the times we are in right now, I have decided to create a resource list. The people on this list are either people I know or who are known to me through others. The services they provide have always had at least some virtual component, and are mainly virtual at this point. I have just started this list today (3/23/2020). This list is not in any particular order. I will just add to it as it grows. 

  • Please read the disclaimer below and know that you agree to it by contacting anyone on this list.
  • There is information on getting added to this list below the disclaimer.


StarrParalegals, LLC

Pamela J. Starr

Services Provided

Virtual paralegal support, primarily in all areas of bankruptcy practice (debtor & creditor).




Million Dollar Attorney

Wendy Witt

Services Provided

Law Firm Business Strategy Consulting




Right now Wendy is offering a discount. The discount is that she will charge your hourly rate for your first hour.

Sensei Enterprises, Incorperated

Sharon Nelson

Services Provided

Information technology, Digital Forensics, and Cybersecurity.





Technology Services, LLC

Daniel J. Siegel, Esquire

Services Provided

Paperless office, workflow improvement and automation, case/matter management software, training on most products used in law offices, including Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Acrobat, LexisNexis CaseMap, and more; techno-ethics guidance.





Please do your own vetting and make your own decisions.

  • I disclaim any responsibility for any services you obtain from anyone on this list. 
  • I receive no benefit from having these folks listed on my site.
  • I will not get in the middle of any disputes. Do not ask.

You agree to hold me harmless if you contact and hire anyone on this list. Even if something bad happens.

You agree not to be mean to me if something bad happens. 

Got it? Good.


How to Get Listed

If you provide a service that is virtual in nature that can be of help to law firms (especially solo and small law firms) and would like to be listed, here are the requirements:

  1. I know you in real life or have worked with you in real life. Based on our work together, or my knowledge of you, I am satisifed that you are a decent person and good at the service(s) you provide. Or,
  2. You can get a recommendation from at least two people who know me in real life or have worked with me in real life. Through that reccomendation I am satisfied that you are a decent person and good at the service(s) you provide.

If you cannot satisfy one of these requirements, I will not list you. My decision to list or not list someone is final. There is no right to be listed here and I am the final decision maker. No cause of action comes about if I decide not to list you. Please don’t take it personally.

As you can see, this isn’t much of a vetting process, hence the disclaimer. Even so, during these trying times I don’t want to send people to folks who are (a) unkind (b) difficult to work with and (c) not good at what they do.

I also don’t want to send clients to people who are impatient and difficult. Please remember that everyone is stressed out and on edge. Many of these folks are extremely busy. Respect that and their time.

Send me a message on my contact form if you feel you qualify to be listed. If you have my email address, you may email me instead.

Thank you