Are You Ready To Act On Your Law Firm Marketing Results? If Not – Don’t Waste Your Money

Don’t Spend the Money if you Aren’t Ready to Respond to your Law Firm Marketing


Respond to your Law Firm MarketingI came across an interesting post on Facebook linking to a blog post on the failure of businesses to respond to quickly to their own marketing. It was posted by Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute.  The point of the blog post was simply this, the author was looking to purchase and the sellers were advertising. But neither business responded when she tried to communicate with them.  This is a serious mistake.  There is absolutely no point in purchasing marketing, either on or offline, if you aren’t ready to respond immediately to your potential clients. The same is true for law firm marketing efforts.  Why spend money on Google Adwords, the Yellow Pages, Facebook or any other kind of advertising, if you don’t have the staff and ability in place to get in touch with the people who are shopping for your services.

People these days expect a fast response. By fast I mean pretty much immediately. If you are seeking to expand your business, you need to have someone monitoring your voicemail and email so if someone contacts you, you can respond right away.  The reason so many law firm websites these days have the chat boxes these days is because it works. The potential clients want to know that they are being heard right away. And they don’t want to hear from a robot, they want to hear from a human being.

When you plan your marketing, make certain you also have a plan for responding to its success.  Otherwise, don’t bother.

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